We have been in business since 1994. We employee committed, hardworking people who prove they want to improve our planet by their actions, every day. We process tires into crumb rubber of varying sizes.  After recycling, the products can be used for many purposes.

 Granuband-Macon, LLC uses the ambient method to recycle the tires.  This ensures safety and purity in our recycled crumb rubber. Contaminants such as glass, sand, rock and non-ferrous materials are filtered out of the rubber. Powerful magnets eliminate any residual steel. This process ensures an end product that is clean and pure.

Safe for the Environment, Safe for Humans. Granuband Crumb Rubber is made from 100% recycled rubber tires and is completely recyclable. You can find several in depth reports on this subject at www.syntheticturfcouncil.org and www.recycledrubbersafetycouncil.org.

Storage and Distribution

Our facility in Macon, Missouri includes 4 acres of storage capacity enabling us to hold the product in stock for the required ´call off´ amounts. Distribution can be handled by using your regular carrier, or our outside carrier, as you require.

Packaging Options

Packaging options include 2,000 pound super sacks, in bulk, or 30 pound bags that can be private labeled for your retail sales.